Rental Process

What is the rental process?

Our rental process is designed to be as easy and convenient as possible. Simply find the item you’d like to rent, hit the “Rent” button.  Select the number of days you'd like to rent for, select the first day of your rental on the calendar, then follow the steps to checkout. Your order will arrive on the day requested with a prepaid return shipping label. At the end of your rental, just place all the contents in the box, close it back up, slap the return label over the original label, and give the box to the appropriate shipping carrier. You’re done!

Note: rentals cannot begin or end on Sunday (no shipping is available).

Please plan on getting the scope a day before you absolutely must have it to allow for shipping irregularities. Shipping companies have guaranteed arrival dates and they are met well over 95% of the time, but problems still do occur, especially during the winter months. We promise to ship your order on the day necessary to have the first scheduled delivery attempt as the day you request your rental to begin. After that it’s out of our control.

 If I’m a first time renter, is there an approval process?

All orders are sent through an order verification process. The goal of this process it to make sure that no identity theft has taken place, and that the person placing the order is who they say they are. Another goal of the process is to make sure that each potential customer is the type of person we want to entrust our valuable equipment to.

After you submit your order we will cross check that information so that we can establish your identity, and your trustworthiness. For most customers, the information provided is sufficient to approve their order. For some customers, we may email or call and ask for some additional information, or to get something clarified.

If we ask for more information and never hear back from you, your order will be cancelled prior to the scheduled ship date. Occasionally, even when all additional information is provided, we are not able to approve an order without a deposit, although this is rare.

How is the rental period calculated?

The rental period is calculated beginning at the close of business on the day of the first delivery attempt, or the first scheduled date of your rental, whichever is later. Your rental period then runs in 24 increments from that time, and must be returned to the shipping carrier by the end of the rental period.

Example: A 7 day rental, scheduled to begin on a Tuesday, begins accruing rental time at 5 PM on Tuesday, meaning it must be dropped off at the shipping carrier by 5 PM on the following Tuesday.

Are there any special requirements for renting certain items?

Unfortunately, yes. With several of our very high value professional items, there are additional requirements for rental. Occasionally, even if you don’t rent one of these items, but you rent a large amount of equipment, there may also be additional requirements.

In these cases, we ask you to obtain independent insurance, if you don’t already carry a homeowners writer.  We will need to have a certificate of insurance that covers rented equipment for at least the replacement value of the items on your order. The certificate must name Rifle Scope Rentals as an additional loss payee.

We do this because, with high value items or large orders, our primary worry is that some of our equipment could be stolen from you.  With the high value of these items, the amount owed to us if it gets stolen is more than most people can pay out of pocket. The insurance gives us some measure of security that if the equipment disappears, you’re covered and we’re covered.


Is the equipment in good condition?

All of our equipment is purchased new. Before and after each rental we check each scope visually and test it for functionality. We guarantee the glass is clear, the scope adjusts correctly, and functions as it should. These scopes are used regularly so there will likely be some scuff marks on the body, etc. If there is any effect on the glass, reticle, etc. the scope goes off for servicing, otherwise it remains in service.

What comes with the equipment?

Equipment comes to you as it came to us from the manufacturer: the scope will come with lens covers and in most cases the rings or mount to put it on your rifle.  If you prefer to use your own mount please let us know that we don't need to include them with your order.  You will need to let us know which type of rings you need so we include the ones that will mount the scope to your rifle.  If you plan to use your own rings please be sure that the rings you plan to use will work with the scope you are renting.  

What comes with your order needs to come back - lens covers, scope rings, etc.  If the order comes back without them we’ll have to charge you for a replacement. 



What if I damage the equipment?

Let us know immediately. Our contract states if the equipment is broken you are responsible either for replacing it or paying for repairs. If it is not repairable, we’ll charge you the cost of a used scope of comparable quality. We do not charge you a new lens price, nor do we charge you rental fees while the lens is being repaired as long as you let us know about damage before you send the lens back.

What do you consider damage?

Any major scratches or scuff marks on the glass and impact damage to the body or the mechanical components.  Minor scuff marks to the tube or turrets are considered normal use, not damage. 

So what is considered negligence?

Our definition of negligence basically means: you did something really stupid with our equipment and caused damage to it requiring repair or replacement parts.


When Things Go Wrong

We try to be perfect but sometimes things do go wrong.  We do make mistakes from time to time. Sometimes, even when we are perfect, fate intervenes, or FedEx screws up.  We will do our best to make things right.  If you have suggestion on what we should do to fix the situation, please let us know.

Can you guarantee my order will arrive on time?

We guarantee that we will ship your order on time so that when we hand it to the shipping carrier, it has a scheduled arrival date on or before the date you requested it to arrive. Past that, it is completely out of our control. Although both shipping carriers are highly accurate, they do make mistakes, and sometimes, bad weather intervenes as well.

If your package is delayed, we will try and notify you if we find out so that you can prepare contingency plans. However, the best contingency plan is to order the equipment to arrive a day or two before you actually need it. That way, if something happens in transit, we can try to help.  If you are renting for basic evaluation purposes this usually doesn't cause any problems.  If you are traveling for a hunting trip and need the scope before you leave then more careful planning is suggested.

What are my options if my package is delayed?

If your package is delayed because of a carrier error, we can offer a refund of the outbound shipping, as well as either extend your order by the length of the delay, or offer you a refund for the portion of the rental that the equipment didn’t arrive in time for.

If the package arrives too late for you to use it, we can recall the package and issue a full refund. 

Can you guarantee the equipment will work as promised?

I wish we could, but sadly, we can’t.  We can promise that we will do everything we can to make sure the equipment is working. We will inspect the equipment both when it returns from its prior rental, and before it goes out on your rental. We will clean it thoroughly. We will check off all the items that should be included in the rental. We will pack it securely.

Even with all these precautions, stuff still happens. A box can be jarred during transit hard enough to break something inside the lens. An internal component we can’t check eventually wears out and breaks during your rental. Occasionally, we can even make a mistake and forget to include something, although it is really rare.

What happens if the equipment doesn’t work as promised?

We are 100% committed to making everything right. If it isn’t working right, just email or call and let us help you check it out first. Often times, the issue is something we can solve with you over the phone or via email.

Occasionally, an item really does arrive broken. If this happens we will replace it immediately within the limitations of our stock. If time constraints prevent us getting a replacement to you (if you’re leaving for a trip for example) we will refund the rental price and shipping costs as soon as you return the lens. By renting, you agree that if you don’t notify us of a problem within 24 hours of receiving the equipment we are not responsible for replacing or refunding the equipment.

If you ordered the wrong item, don’t know how to use it, or didn’t know the limitations of the equipment, etc. we will work with you to get you something more suitable, but we will not be able to give you a complete refund. We will always, however, issue an account credit for any unused days over the minimum 1 day rental charge if you return it early.


Do you charge a deposit?

In almost all cases, no. Occasionally, we aren’t able to gather enough information to properly verify an order, and we may ask for a deposit in those circumstances. Also, in rare cases, because of the high value of the equipment, we may ask for a deposit for certain items if you cannot secure independent insurance coverage.

If we decide a deposit is necessary, we will always contact you and ask your permission before we accept the order and proceed with the deposit.

For 99.9% of orders, no deposit is ever necessary.

When do you charge my credit card?

We charge your credit card on the day your order is shipped. This will be between 1-5 days before your scheduled arrival date.

What is your policy on cancellations?

If you cancel your order before it leaves our warehouse, there is no penalty or fee for cancelling your order. If you decide to cancel your order while it is in transit, we will refund you all of your rental fees minus the lesser of $100 per box that you have cancelled or the 1-Day rental rate for the cancelled order.

Can I return an order early for a refund?

Yes. If you’d like to return your order early, or you need to cancel it after it has left our warehouse, we will refund you the difference between the rental fees you paid and the rental fees that would have been charged for the length of time you actually had the equipment. Keep in mind that for rentals under 7 days are charged the 1-day rate which is 20% of the 7 day rate.

Please note: Our minimum rental length is 1 day, meaning that even if you return it to the shipper immediately after they deliver it, you will be charged our 1-Day rental rate.


What shipping carrier & service do you use?

Our default carrier is the Post Office. Depending on the amount of time between the day you order and the day you request the equipment to arrive, our current stock level of the items in question, and your location, we may ship your order in a variety of ways. Simply put, we will select a service that is assured to arrive no later than the date you have specified for your order.

If you prefer a specific carrier for shipping please let us know.  We can make arrangements for a different carrier.  Please note that we will charge the retail rate for shipping through that carrier.  

What time is my package guaranteed to arrive by?

For both standard and overnight shipping, packages are not guaranteed to arrive until the end of the business day on the arrival date you selected. If you require an A.M. delivery, please let us know and we will contact you about your shipping options.

Is a signature required?

Yes. A direct signature is required on all of our packages.

But I won’t be home to sign for it, can you waive the signature requirement?

No, we can’t. We recommend having it shipped and held at a carrier facility where you can pick it up at your convenience. Our staff would be glad to arrange this for you if you don’t already have a specific location in mind. Just let us know.

Where do you ship?

We ship to all 50 states. Unfortunately we don’t ship internationally.

Do you ship to hotels?

Hotels are tricky. Generally, they accept no responsibility if something happens to a package they are holding for you. This means, if they put it in a storeroom and a dishonest bellhop takes off with it, the hotel isn’t going to reimburse anyone for the lost package. If that happens, you might not be excited about the idea that you are going to owe us replacement equipment when you never even saw the package.

For that reason, we don’t typically ship to hotels. We are willing to make exceptions for some customers if they agree that they will be held responsible for reimbursing us if the hotel loses the package. We handle exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

We recommend having us ship to a nearby shipping office instead. In most tourist areas, there is a location within walking distance.

We are happy to ship “hold for pickup” to a location at any time, just request it.

What about PO Boxes?

We do not ship to PO Boxes. 

How about APO/FPO addresses?

Unfortunately, we do not ship to APO/FPO addresses.

How are your shipping rates calculated?

Our shipping rates are pre-calculated by zone. The system will find your zone and apply the proper shipping charge.  We subsidize the shipping costs to lessen the cost  burden.  There is never an intention to profit on shipping charges.

What about return shipping?

A return shipping label will be included in the box. Just put everything back in the box, tape it up, and place the return label directly over the original label and you are all set!

Can I get my order shipped overnight?

Absolutely. Once you select your arrival date, our system will know automatically whether overnight shipping is the only option to have it arrive on that date. If so, it will upgrade your order to overnight shipping to ensure it arrives on time. Please note that our standard overnight shipping method is FedEx Overnight, which means it is only guaranteed to arrive by the end of the day. If you need it to arrive in the morning, please let us know.

What is the latest time I can order and still get my order shipped out on the same day?

Our daily shipping cutoff is 3:30 PM EST. Any order placed by this time can be sent out that day. If you place your order close to the deadline, please monitor your email and phone for any communication from us. If we need additional information, there is a very short window of time that we can hold your order and still get it sent out that day, so it is imperative you respond as soon as possible.

Extensions and Late Returns

Can I extend my rental?

As long as we have stock we’re happy to extend your rental. Extensions are charged at 90% of first rental period rates if requested on or before the ship-back date. If you wait until the order is overdue to request an extension, it will be charged at 100% of first week rates.

Please note, this means that it will ALWAYS be cheaper to rent an item for 14 days rather than renting it for 7 days and then extending for another 7 days.


Why don’t you just charge extensions at the difference between the new rental length price and the old rental length price?

We do this to encourage people to rent for the maximum length of time they may need an item, and then return it early for a refund rather than rent it for the minimum length of time they may need it. We do this because it helps us have a better idea of when an item will actually return from a rental, so that we can accept future reservations for it.

If a renter selects the maximum length of time they may need an item, we can confidently accept a future reservation, knowing that the expected arrival date is actually the latest possible time the renter will send back the equipment. If instead, the equipment is rented for the minimum length of time the renter may need it, a situation could arise where they assume they can get an extension on the item, but we have already reserved it for another renter.

What if I am late with my return?

We email you a reminder the day before the lens should ship back, and another reminder if it is a day late. If you took the lens to the shipper on time (not a drop box) but there was a delay in shipping, you are not responsible. If the lens has not been scanned into the system by 6 pm on the day it is supposed to ship back, it is late.

How are late fees calculated?

On 7 day rentals, a late fee equal to 20% of the rental fee is charged for each day the lens is late, beginning with the first day overdue.

For rentals of 14 days or more, the late fee is assessed beginning on the second day overdue.

If the late return of your lens causes us to have to ship a lens to a waiting customer by overnight delivery, you will additionally be charged the actual overnight delivery charge we had to pay.

If at any time an extension is turned down and you do not contact us, we will have to turn your account over to collections.

The amount sent to collections is the retail cost of the items, plus our expenses in attempting to collect from you. At that point, if you send the equipment back, you will still owe the fees of the collection agency which are several hundred dollars. We cannot take it back, undo it, stop it or reverse it. Also, we will exhaust all civil and criminal remedies available in pursuing the matter.



Can I pick up lenses in person?

At this time we do not have the ability to allow rentals to be picked up.  


Other Questions

We completely respect your privacy

We never share your information with anyone. Ever. But many people, in an attempt to preserve their privacy create a new email address to place online orders. Which is, of course, the same things that the people committing online fraud do so they can’t be traced. It's not a huge problem unless you don’t check that new email account to get the messages we’re likely to send you. When we get no response to email, we figure the order is fraud and cancel it.

What if I want to rent for more than 90 days?

We offer extended rentals and leases up to 6 months. Please contact us and we’ll be happy to work with you.

What if I want to rent an item for a day or two?

We are happy to offer 1-day rentals on all items. A lot of work goes into preparing each piece of equipment for your rental. So while we do offer 1 day rentals, the price is only slightly lower than a 7 day rental.

Do you sell used equipment?

We haven't been open long enough to have used equipment to sell.  If you desire to buy your rental please let us know and we will be happy to quote a price for you.

What if I want something you don’t carry?

Please email us. If we have two or three requests for an item, we’re likely to add it. Also if you want an item for an extended lease we will almost certainly be able to a accommodate you.

The stuff that fits nowhere else...

We don’t charge your credit card until we are ready to pack it for shipping.

If an item is late or missing we email you rather than immediately charge a fee to your card.

All of our transactions with you are encrypted, stored on secure and encrypted servers, and our security processes are monitored and certified by outside agencies.  No credit card information is stored at our location.  

If an item gets damaged while in your hands we charge you for just the repair cost (unless you have our damage insurance), not for lost rental revenue while it’s being repaired.

If (it’s rare but it happens) the shipping company doesn’t get your order delivered on time, we will issue a refund to your credit card, not a store credit.

We test every item when it returns and again when it ships out. Anything that does not meet specifications is immediately removed from stock and sent to repair.